Western Washington Real Estate Market Q1 2019 Update

Dear Clients and Friends,

Please find below Matthew Gardner’s Full Report for the Western Washington Real Estate Market Q1 2019 including some compelling information regarding our hyper-local market and what we may expect as we move into the summer season.

Reviewing the report, as expected our slow season placed San Juan County with the lowest number of home sales, however, in the same breath we lead Western Washington with a 34% increase in home sale prices which should encourage many sellers to list, perhaps significantly adding to inventory and impacting our Q2. Should you have questions about how these figures impact your real estate portfolio, how it measures up or if you need a realtor, feel free to call, I’d love to discuss your real estate goals.



Posted on May 23, 2019 at 11:40 am
Wally Gudgell | Category: Living in the San Juan Islands, News

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