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A. YES, One of the Best and We’re Making the Grade!

As we gear up for back-to-school shopping, RPR’s school report provides the industry’s fastest-growing school data, including teacher, academic, and overall school grades, as well as side-by-side school comparisons.

In the below report, you will find information on Orcas Island High School:

  • Total Enrollment
  • Students Per Teacher
  • Average GPA
  • Math and Reading Proficiency
  • Percentage of Gifted Students
  • Number of Students Enrolled in AP
  • Graduation Rate
  • Average ACT and SAT Scores
  • Average Teacher Salary
  • Percentage of Teachers In the First or Second Year
  • Written School Reviews

Supplies – Online, On-Island or Mainland America?

As for back-to-school shopping, experts at MONEY.COM say it’s going to be more expensive this year. Just as the pandemic disrupted the supply and delivery of everyday household items, the COVID-19 impact will impact back-to-school plans. Shortages of inventory and increased shipping costs paired with retailers less likely to offer deep discounts as in previous years, back-to-school will be a bit more expensive than you expect.

To ease the impact of back-to-school on your budget, MONEYCRASHERS.COM offers 16 tips to saving money on school supplies and your shopping list. Once you’ve outlined your list is, it’s time to decide where to shop, online, on-island, or the mainland all have benefits. You can find many items on your list right here on Orcas; visit the ORCAS ISLAND CHAMBER for a list of island businesses standing by to make your 2021 shopping a breeze.  For items not found here, online offers the benefits of comparison-shopping savings, no WASHINGTON STATE FERRY rides, and San Juan County receives a portion of sales tax from each purchase.  Online can be a win, win, win, but do remember to reach out to our local shops first; they are pillars to the health of our island community and always have unique, unusual, and fun finds.

Bottom Line

To quote ORCAS ISLAND SCHOOLS website, their mission of “Committed to partner with families and community to provide each student with a well-rounded education in a nurturing environment.  We will foster academic excellence and creative expression, while inspiring successful future endeavor and productive community involvement” can be seen not only in the below report but in the talented and outstanding students and graduates.

Thank You OIS for Your Commitment to Excellence and Cheers to a great year –  The Wally Gudgell Group


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