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You’ve watched home prices steadily rise and read reports of inventory shortages nationally, most notably for you in the San Juan Islands, and you’ve decided this is the year. You’re selling for an optimum upsize, downsize, relocation, or cash-in on your rental home investment. You grab your phone to call Wally, and you stop mid-dial, overwhelmed with the idea of list-readying your house.

When considering selling, one of the biggest concerns for many home sellers is the time and money they’ll have to put in before listing. So where do you start, what is the minimum needed, and how much will it cost? If you, too, face “list-ready” apprehension, you should know – your home might be closer to list-ready in today’s housing market. As reported in the Spring 2022 Home Sellers Report, Realtor.com found many sellers were able to get their houses ready in less than a month.


George Ratiu Senior Economist & Manager of Economic Research realtor.com Spring 2022 Home Sellers Report List Ready“With many homeowners expecting a quick sale, and in many cases a lack of contingencies, the preparation process took less than a month for over 50% of home sellers this past year, with 20% completing it in less than two weeks.”- George Ratiu, Sr. Economist


With most sellers expecting a quick sale following recent homebuyer trends and rising mortgage rates paired with home prices still on the rise, today’s buyers are serious about finding a home quickly. In addition, the limited number of listed homes for sale, resulting in fewer options for a qualified and an eager buyer pool, means many buyers may be willing to tackle projects after purchasing a few years ago they wouldn’t have considered.

Because of this, you may be able to focus on less time-consuming tasks before putting your house on the market, bypassing an expensive kitchen or bath update for quick touch-ups. According to the Realtor.com survey mentioned above, some of the top things recent sellers completed before listing over the past year included landscaping, making minor cosmetic updates, and touching-up paint.

Are you still overwhelmed or wondering what in the San Juan Islands’ Real Estate Market will meet buyer trends? Laura, Terri, and I can help you identify and outline a touch-up list and streamline the process to keep you focused on reaching SBW (Signed Both Ways) and your ultimate goal – SOLD. Each seller’s situation, motivation, and property are different; knowing what repairs or updates your house needs to stand out in our unique market can be critical. That’s where a local, knowledgeable, and trusted real estate team could ease your path and deliver peace of mind in your home selling process.


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In a recent article, Jason Stauffer of Next Advisor explains how a real estate pro in today’s competitive market can make all the difference for both sellers and buyers:


“. . . Real estate can be hyper-local, and demand can vary from one neighborhood to the next. It’s a good idea to work with a local real estate professional to determine an ideal listing price and if any improvements or repairs need to be completed before.”


Trusted San Juan Islands’ real estate advisors know the ins and outs of our unique market area. We can help you identify places where you should and shouldn’t spend your time and money – and that can enable you to list and find your buyer or buyers quickly.



If you’re ready to take advantage of our summer season and the incredible conditions for sellers in today’s real estate market, don’t let your list to ready your home for market hold you back – you might be closer than you think to your next move. Let’s connect so you can review your property’s market assessment and what you need to do before listing your house today.

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