Living in the San Juan Islands REAL ESTATE UPDATE: Selling Your Home During the Holidays   Whether preparing for the arrival of Hanukkah, Saint Nick, and/or New Year’s Eve, there are at least three reasons the holidays are a great time to consider listing your home. 1. Inventory. For sellers, the biggest advantage in listing now is lack of inventory. Since March 2020, the […]
Living in the San Juan Islands ORGANIZING YOUR HOME SOLD 5-Step Plan for Dazzling First Impressions & Organizing Your Home Sold Even in the San Juan Islands, our island lives can be hectic at times, leaving our homes a little jumbled. We look past the mountain of footwear in the corner of our mudroom, an exquisite collection of beach finds adorning window, or the magnificent […]
Living in the San Juan Islands COVID-ERA REAL ESTATE   COVID-ERA REAL ESTATE: WHAT’S HAPPENING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?   What strange times we’re in… it’s hard enough to keep track of what day it is, let alone the economic state of affairs. In 40+ years of selling real estate, I’ve never seen the market so intense in our neck of the woods. Our homes […]
Living in the San Juan Islands SJC – “GREATEST INCREASE IN SALES” Dear Clients & Friends, Numbers don’t lie; the real estate market in the San Juan Islands is record-breaking. From both the Gardner Report and the NWMLS Breakout, San Juan County has the hottest market in Western Washington.  Year-to-date, active listings in San Juan County are down by over 52% and pending sales up over 97% […]
Living in the San Juan Islands RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY PENDING RATIO 44.6% I’m sure you’ve heard of the current shortage of active inventory for the flood of buyers looking to call Orcas Island home during the Covid-19 Era. I’m also sure you’ve heard or even taken advantage of the extraordinarily low mortgage rates, which have further inspired the purchase of homes in the San Juan Islands. But […]
Living in the San Juan Islands SAN JUAN ISLANDS BREAKOUT Q2 2020                                     < VIEW FULL QR2 & SAN JUAN COUNTY BREAKOUT MARKET REPORT HERE   Dear Clients and Friends, Things are a little crazy up here!  The real estate market is particularly unusual at the moment in San Juan […]
Living in the San Juan Islands WHAT TO DO . . .   WHAT TO DO . . . WHEN THERE’S NOTHING TO DO As we all have started to adjust to our new, hopefully, temporary 2020 Coronavirus routines, many of us, including The Wally Gudgell Group, have begun to find isolation, shelter in place, and social distancing a little monotonous. Like you, we too in these […]
Living in the San Juan Islands COVID-19 ECONOMIC IMPACT Dear Clients and Friends, As you can well imagine, Coronavirus is on the minds of everyone, specifically those of us who call Western Washington home. To review the possible impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market, whether you’re in the process or planning to buy or sell a home, please visit the below link […]
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Living in the San Juan Islands THE GARDNER REPORT Q4 2019   Dear Clients and Friends, Please find a link below to Matthew Gardner’s Full Report for the Western Washington Real Estate Market Q4 2019 including some compelling reasons now is again a great time for sellers in the San Juan Islands. Reviewing Matthew’s Q4 2019 Report, as expected our seasonal slow paired with continued inventory […]
Living in the San Juan Islands WA STATE RE EXCISE TAX & SJC SHORELINE CODE CHANGES Dear Clients and Friends, Hope everyone is having a good summer season!  There are two things I wanted to bring your attention to ( please see attachment ).    1) The first attachment is in regard to the new residential Washington State Real Estate Excise Tax (SB 5998) which is a significant increase for more […]
Living in the San Juan Islands FUN WAYS TO CELEBRATE ORCAS     7 FUN WAYS TO CELEBRATE OUR ORCA WHALES World Orca Day is a great time to think about celebrating our magnificent neighbors and spread awareness about their plight in the wild. As you may know Orcas face many challenges. These days, orcas—also known as killer whales, blackfish and seawolves— are threatened by diminishing […]
Living in the San Juan Islands STATEMENT OF ASSESSMENTS – SJC Dear Clients and Friends, Many of you have or will have property tax questions on your Real Estate here in SJC. Click below to view the most comprehensive booklet I have seen yet. It’s worth a read. Assessing value to your property is another matter and it directly effects your property tax and this booklet […]
Living in the San Juan Islands STATE OF SAN JUAN COUNTY ADDRESS Dear Clients and Friends, I hope you’ll find the attached Gardner Report interesting.  I think even more interesting is the data on San Juan County.  We are such an anomaly!  We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state and are one of the highest self-employment areas in the state, twice that of […]
Living in the San Juan Islands WEST SIDE IS THE BEST SIDE   WEST SIDE IS THE BEST SIDE Yes, It Really Is That Much Better on The Sunny Pristine West Side of Orcas Island Beautiful and Magical may be two of the most over used words in real estate along with their cousin Unique.  Yet no three words are better suited when describing the Village of […]
Living in the San Juan Islands WHAT’S UP SEADOC? SALISH SEA IN FOCUS Photography Competition Reminder: Entries close at Midnight, Monday, June 4th Submissions for the 2018 Salish Sea in Focus contest, with Over $6,000 in Cash Prizes is still open until June 4th, 2018. The Salish Sea in Focus Photography Competition highlights the Beauty and Biodiversity of the Inland Sea Encompassing Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and Waters off […]
Living in the San Juan Islands ADVENTURES IN CINEMATIC STORYTELLING a.k.a. Orcas Island Film Festival 2017 5 Reasons You Will Add OIFF To Your Fall Calendar Those ‘In the Know’ know why the 4th Annual Orcas Island Film Festival (OIFF) October 6-9, 2017 is a Big Deal.  For those just discovering the magic we are excited to share five reasons you will add the OIFF to your fall calendar. 1 – […]
Living in the San Juan Islands LOVE THY NEIGHBORHOOD A Five Point Psychology of Happiness On Orcas Island Time Happiness does just seem to happen on Orcas Island.  It’s a lifestyle found far and wide on our Island home, yet answering the question what exactly makes Orcas Islanders so happy is not an easy answer.  With help from a few locals and a dip […]
Living in the San Juan Islands PROPERTY VALUES, CAO AND AREA CODES – Oh My Only a Month Into 2017 and More Change Is On Your To Do List? On the heels of the presidential inauguration with economics across the county being directly impacted by this new political chapter I thought I would take the opportunity to apprise you of some local and reginal real estate news. STATE OF OUR […]
Living in the San Juan Islands LOCALIZE IT – Top Reasons to Hire Local Talent Why LOCAL Is The Right Choice For The San Juan Islands ‘Buy Local’, ‘Island Grown’ and ‘Eat Local’ are phrases heard from many an islander and seen throughout the islands and on our transportation.  We experience the benefits of these ideals to our island sphere in something as small as purchasing dog treats from Jeff […]
Living in the San Juan Islands NEED A REASON TO CALL ORCAS HOME – How About Five? It’s difficult to think anyone who has seen The San Juan Islands and Orcas Island specifically would need even one more reason to call Orcas home, or at the very least, their home away from the millisecond pace of a Mainland America Home.  And, without further ado for those in need I present a few […]