Living in the San Juan Islands WHAT’S UP SEADOC? SALISH SEA IN FOCUS Photography Competition Reminder: Entries close at Midnight, Monday, June 4th Submissions for the 2018 Salish Sea in Focus contest, with Over $6,000 in Cash Prizes is still open until June 4th, 2018. The Salish Sea in Focus Photography Competition highlights the Beauty and Biodiversity of the Inland Sea Encompassing Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and Waters off […]
Living in the San Juan Islands ADVENTURES IN CINEMATIC STORYTELLING a.k.a. Orcas Island Film Festival 2017 5 Reasons You Will Add OIFF To Your Fall Calendar Those ‘In the Know’ know why the 4th Annual Orcas Island Film Festival (OIFF) October 6-9, 2017 is a Big Deal.  For those just discovering the magic we are excited to share five reasons you will add the OIFF to your fall calendar. 1 – […]
Living in the San Juan Islands LOVE THY NEIGHBORHOOD A Five Point Psychology of Happiness On Orcas Island Time Happiness does just seem to happen on Orcas Island.  It’s a lifestyle found far and wide on our Island home, yet answering the question what exactly makes Orcas Islanders so happy is not an easy answer.  With help from a few locals and a dip […]
Living in the San Juan Islands PROPERTY VALUES, CAO AND AREA CODES – Oh My Only a Month Into 2017 and More Change Is On Your To Do List? On the heels of the presidential inauguration with economics across the county being directly impacted by this new political chapter I thought I would take the opportunity to apprise you of some local and reginal real estate news. STATE OF OUR […]
Living in the San Juan Islands LOCALIZE IT – Top Reasons to Hire Local Talent Why LOCAL Is The Right Choice For The San Juan Islands ‘Buy Local’, ‘Island Grown’ and ‘Eat Local’ are phrases heard from many an islander and seen throughout the islands and on our transportation.  We experience the benefits of these ideals to our island sphere in something as small as purchasing dog treats from Jeff […]
Living in the San Juan Islands NEED A REASON TO CALL ORCAS HOME – How About Five? It’s difficult to think anyone who has seen The San Juan Islands and Orcas Island specifically would need even one more reason to call Orcas home, or at the very least, their home away from the millisecond pace of a Mainland America Home.  And, without further ado for those in need I present a few […]
Living in the San Juan Islands Rough Cut Prawning  
Living in the San Juan Islands 2016 ECONOMIC & HOUSING FORECAST Take a look at this 2016 forecast by Chief Economist, Mathew Gardner
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