Living in the San Juan Islands

Orcas Island Real Estate Market WHAT 3 THINGS DO HOMEBUYERS WANT RIGHT NOW? IF YOU’RE A HOMEOWNER IN THE SAN JUANS, YOU HAVE INCREDIBLE LEVERAGE WHEN SELLING TODAY   In today’s HOUSING MARKET, homeowners in the San Juan Islands have an excellent opportunity to sell and receive the best terms for their unique situation. There’s still a limited number of island homes and vacant land for sale, continuing […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market WONDERING IF YOU’RE “LIST-READY” YOUR HOUSE MAY BE CLOSER TO “LIST-READY” THAN YOU THINK You’ve watched home prices steadily rise and read reports of inventory shortages nationally, most notably for you in the San Juan Islands, and you’ve decided this is the year. You’re selling for an optimum upsize, downsize, relocation, or cash-in on your rental home investment. You […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market WHERE ARE MORTGAGE RATES HEADED? There’s never been a more accurate statement regarding forecasting mortgage rates than the one Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, offered last year: “You know, the fallacy of economic forecasting is: Don’t ever try and forecast interest rates and or, more specifically, if you’re a real estate economist mortgage rates, because you will always […]
Living in the San Juan Islands BEST WEEK TO LIST IN THE SAN JUANS IS HERE! Are you thinking of selling your island home this year? If your answer is yes, or even maybe, you may want to make it a priority to start looking into listing now for several reasons. 1. THE “SWEET SPOT” FOR SELLERS According to REALTOR.COM, the sweet spot for sellers is just around the corner. In […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market Q4 2021 – GARDNER REPORT + ORCAS AND SAN JUAN ISLANDS BREAKOUT WESTERN WASHINGTON, SAN JUAN COUNTY & ORCAS ISLAND – A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME REAL ESTATE MARKET 2021 saw historical records smashed in the stock market, the economy, and real estate markets across the board, including new homes, existing homes, vacant land, and condominiums. Nationally and in Western Washington, as the stock market rose, the real estate market […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market OPERATION – HOME SWEET HOME 2022 How To Make and Reach Your New Year’s Real Estate Goals Now that we’ve wrapped the paper and confetti of 2021 and replaced Christmas cookie breakfasts with healthier options, it’s time to start thinking about goals or resolutions for the new year. Whether your goal is healthy food practices, exercising more, learning a new skill, […]
Living in the San Juan Islands FORBEARANCE FORECLOSURES: WHY A WAVE OF FORECLOSURE IS NOT OFF OUR BOW IN THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS NOR NATIONALLY – Naturally, there are lots of questions regarding the real estate market as the sun sets on 2021 and we chart our course for 2022.  At year’s end, we’re still seeing home prices and equity gains at record […]
Living in the San Juan Islands SAN JUAN COUNTY BIG WESTERN WASHINGTON OUTLIER Dear Clients, Friends and Family – The 3rd Quarter Gardner Report shows San Juan County once again as a significant outlier for Western Washington. Regionally, annual average home prices were up 26% from a year ago but with a considerable drop in sales from 2020 to 2021 (a result most likely of growing home prices […]
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Orcas Island Real Estate Market TOP 3 HOME-SELLER QUESTIONS Q&A WITH THE WALLY GUDGELL GROUP: TOP 3 HOME-SELLER QUESTIONS ANSWERED     1. HOW SHOULD I START MY JOURNEY TO SOLD? The journey to sold begins before you even pick up the phone, and in some cases, years before you sign a listing agreement or a FOR-SALE sign hung. Our recommendation to anyone considering […]
Living in the San Juan Islands WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUPER HOT REAL ESTATE MARKET? And Why Is Orcas Island Days On Market (DOM) Up 295.8%? Some experts claim rapidly rising home prices are having a downward push on demand and, by extension, leading to the recent slowdown in sales activity. However, demand isn’t the real issue. According to the Wall Street Journal for new home construction: “Homebuilders have sold more homes […]
Living in the San Juan Islands Q. DOES ORCAS ISLAND HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL? A. YES, One of the Best and We’re Making the Grade! As we gear up for back-to-school shopping, RPR’s school report provides the industry’s fastest-growing school data, including teacher, academic, and overall school grades, as well as side-by-side school comparisons. In the below report, you will find information on Orcas Island High School: Total Enrollment […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market Not A Typical Summer Real Estate Market Despite a Nationally Rising Housing Supply, This Is Not a Typical Summer Real Estate Market in the San Juan Islands – What Does This Mean for You? We typically see the real estate market in the San Juans ebb and flow like the Salish Sea. Our market sees far more activity with our long summer […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market REDEFINING SAN JUAN ISLANDS’ FABULOUS Redefining the Fabulous Life and Community of the San Juans – The 2021 Windermere Real Estate Guide to San Juan Islands Living The 2021 Windermere Real Estate Showcase of the San Juan Islands is an authentic San Juan Islands Community Collaboration. Due to COVID-19 and the historic shortage of available homes for sale in the […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market IN TODAY’S SAN JUAN ISLAND’S MARKET, LISTING PRICES ARE LIKE RESERVE PRICES IN TODAY’S SAN JUAN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE MARKET, LISTING PRICES ARE LIKE AN AUCTION’S RESERVE PRICE For generations, the process of buying and selling a home never really changed. Many homeowners in the San Juan Islands would try to estimate the market value of their house, and tack on a little extra to give themselves […]
Living in the San Juan Islands 3 THINGS TO PRIORITIZE WHEN SELLING & WHY THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR TO SELL The housing market in the San Juan Islands continues to offer unprecedented opportunities for sellers. As homebuyers flood the housing market to take advantage of record-low mortgage rates; many with a sense of urgency based on expert forecasts for a steady rise in rates and home prices for 2021 and 2022, as reported by CoreLogic’s […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market Q1 REAL ESTATE – WESTERN WASHINGTON/SAN JUAN COUNTY WESTERN WASHINGTON REAL ESTATE Q1 – San Juan Islands Breakout Once again San Juan County led Western Washington in real estate sales volume, up 67.4% from Q1-2020. Additionally, San Juan County saw the greatest drop in average days on market (DOM); down 52 fewer days to sell homes than it did a year ago. Residential […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market HOW FSBO (FOR SALE BY OWNER), Even in Our Sellers’ Market Could Negatively Impact Your Sellers Net Proceeds   We’ve heard it over and over this past year, we are in a historic sellers’ market due to a shortage of real estate inventory paired with voracious buyer demand, the most memorable concept from ECON101, Supply and Demand. Our feverish housing market may tempt some homeowners to try selling their house on their own […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market THE IMPORTANCE OF PRICING YOUR HOME, LOT OR LAND FOR SOLD   I cannot stress enough the importance of accurately pricing property for current market conditions.  Market conditions change in as little as 60 days and can be very different from when you consider selling to when you’re ready to call your broker.  San Juan County’s transition from December 2020 into 2021 is an example of […]
Orcas Island Real Estate Market Q4 REAL ESTATE – WESTERN WASHINGTON/SAN JUAN COUNTY WESTERN WASHINGTON REAL ESTATE Q4 – San Juan Islands Breakout The numbers continue to show we are still in the throes of a hot real estate market, with a slight downturn from Q3 numbers, most likely due to seasonality. The seller’s market we saw for the lion’s share of 2020 in the San Juan Islands […]
Real Estate 5 Real Estate Resolutions for 2021     Never has a year brought such a surge of new homeowners to the San Juan Islands as 2020. Recognized by NORTHWEST PUBLIC BROADCASTING as a ‘Zoom Town,’ our wired-for-remote-work communities, natural beauty and mellow island lifestyle were strong appeals for people looking to relocate from work-from-home, school-from-home, or stuck-at-home lives. As we adjusted […]